Transportation in and around the New Brighton Community is an issue that affects many residents.

Traffic concerns in the area have been voiced on numerous occasions to the Community Association. These concerns include speeding, crosswalks, areas around bus stops and how to resolve these issues. Concerns should be brought forward to the CA so we can vouch to our community partners about the need to resolve or help. Residents should also register their concerns with either the Calgary Police or The City of Calgary’s 311 Service.

The New Brighton Community Association would also love to see a traffic committee set up to help facilitate and address resident’s concerns. We need a few dedicated residents to start and build this committee. Resources and community assistance is available, we just need your time as a volunteer.

At our Annual General Meeting in April 2015, the non-profit group LRT on the Green presented to our group about the Green Line. The Green LRT Line will eventually run from the North down to Seton, with stops along 52nd Avenue. The New Brighton Community Association is a stakeholder and partner with LRT on the Green and is looking forward to working with this group in the future to help provide further transit options in SE Calgary. For more information about the Green Line visit the LRT on the Green website.