Vision statement: 

To provide our community with sense of lasting pride and well being.

Mission statement: 

To listen and promote a unified voice for the community and provide a sense of belonging.

What is the difference between the Community Association and the Residents Association?

The New Brighton Community Association (NBCA) has voluntary membership and is made up of resident volunteers who live in the community. We lobby for schools, act as a political advocate and are responsible for working with the City of Calgary on a wide variety of community issues such as traffic calming, playground zones, city park issues, etc.

The New Brighton Residents Association (NBRA) requires a mandatory fee for each property. The association is created and managed by the Developer until the community is substantially built out. Fees go towards the operations and maintenance of the land and amenities including the Club, water splash park, tennis courts and hockey rink. They coordinate a wide variety of programs and events for residents of the community. Read more about the NBRA purpose here or check out their website at newbrighton-connect.com.

Check out our descriptive NBCA Infograph!

Please find the New Brighton Community Association bylaws here.

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