New Brighton 2016 Neighbour Day Block Party BBQ Contest

Responses from the street that won:

“There are still houses going up and new people moving in, and it would be so awesome if we could win this block party to celebrate being the last phase of this awesome community and to get to know everyone!”

“I believe our neighborhood is one-of-a-kind. We’ve become one of those awesome communities that we all grew up in, but are rare nowadays.

We all know each other, by name. Our children spend many afternoons playing together outside and hoping from house to house. We get together regularly for play dates, group walks, ladies nights and impromptu meals together. We had our first (planned to be annual) neighborhood Christmas party. We look out for each other and share information about safety and security concerns in the area.”

“On the day we moved in not only did 1 of our great neighbors get the builder to leave us an oversized Backstreet Boys card welcoming us to the neighborhood but we received 6 dozen flowers from all of our various neighbors that day. We try our best to understand what everyone’s profession is so we can keep as much as possible in the community so we can all get each other through these tough times. We have even discussed starting a Boy Band as a joke called the New Brighton Boys (I doubt this will happen but we all have dreams). We are all extremely proud to say that there is no drama in our neighborhood and we embody the true meaning of ‘Community’.”

“I think winning the block party would not only be a great way for neighbours living in the last phase to get to know each other but it is also a way for New Brightoners to come together and celebrate the completion of this beautiful community. We’ve also created a Facebook page for our last phase too called New Brighton- Phase 36. With almost 30 members in a couple short months we’ve been swapping stories of our families, setting up weekly walking groups, planning to get a table together at the New Brighton beer gardens, and planning a stampede party.”


Congratulations Brightoncrest Point/Cove!  You have awesome community spirit!