Although we have been working hard to better the community, we have not had the volunteer power to regularly update our website.  We are looking for a volunteer to keep this space up to date!  If you live in New Brighton and are interested in supporting your community, please send us a message!

Community Garden Project

The New Brighton Community Garden Committee is still in the beginning stages and a few committee members have been meeting to start the process. Picking a community garden site is in progress. The Committee still needs lots of volunteers to make this become a reality. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out in any way! Regular meetings are being set-up and dates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Neighbour Day Block Party June 2017

The New Brighton Community Association was excited to sponsor a Neighbour Day block party for the third year in a row! Congratulations to Brightonstone Bay who won the prize this year. They celebrated with a day-long party which included a bouncy castle and lots of food! What a great way to meet your neighbours!  Here were the winning entries:

“Have you ever wanted to live in a big city with a small town feel or walk out your door like Truman and have your neighbours wish you a good morning, good afternoon and good night? Well on Brightonstone Bay that’s exactly how it is. We are a small village raising our families with the best possible people you could ask for. We truly are more than friends and neighbours, we’re family. Garage doors never stay open over night, sidewalks are plowed on the snowiest of days and fires in the driveway are meant for all to gather and enjoy. The kids never want to move, in-fact many are brought to tears by the mere thought of it. Halloween is not just a standard run of the mill holiday it’s an event; garages are transformed, children chant “Let us in” when you don’t open the haunted house on time and we all put up with the extra 200+ trick or treaters. We live on the same block but can’t get enough of each other; we party, camp, dog sled and have a ton of FUN!”

“Our block is the best because we truly care about each other, we’re not just people co-existing. This party would be a fabulous treat for all to enjoy not just those who live on the Bay.”

Community Clean-Up September 2016

The New Brighton Community Association was pleased to partner with London Drugs, the City of Calgary and McKenzie Towne Community Association to hold a Community Clean-Up on Sunday, September 11th.  In total, 5155 kgs of garbage and 415kgs of organics was collected and removed from homes, backyards and lane ways.  Thank you to all who stopped by!

Neighbour Day Block Party June 2016

We had a great response for our Neighbour Day Block Party Contest. A big congrats to Brightoncrest Point/Cove who had 6 people submit entries about why they have the best street in New Brighton. We are so excited they were able to have a great Block Party on the city-wide Neighbour Day. Check out the awesome responses we received from this street!

Tagline Contest

Community members suggested 18 New Brighton tagline options!  The Community Association narrowed it down to the top 3 choices and 33 votes were tallied.  And the winner is…


Thank you to everyone who took part in our contest and survey!  Congratulations to Kevin, winner of the Movie Night Out package, who provided a top-three tagline submission!

Community Clean-Up September 2015

The New Brighton Community Association hosted their first annual fall Community Clean-Up on September 19th, 2015 at the New Brighton Clubhouse. The City of Calgary collected garbage and organics, the Electronics Recycling Association collected old electronics, and Women in Need Society collected donations. The New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association collected bottles to raise funds for the K-4 Public School.

In total, we collected 1985 lbs of garbage and 20 lbs of organics, which is 2000 lbs of unwanted materials out of people homes, backyards and lane ways.

Thank you to all who stopped by the Clean-Up! We hope to continue and expand this Community Clean-Up in the fall each year!

Neighbour Day Block Party June 2015

In 2014 New Brighton was named one of the City of Calgary’s Inspiring Neighbourhoods. With this honour, the Community Association was awarded two painted utility boxes on 52nd Street and a grant to go towards building community in New Brighton. After much consideration and discussion, we decided to put some of the money towards a Block Party BBQ by holding a contest for residents to tell us why their street is the best in New Brighton. We received two entries from New Brighton Gardens. The street decided to have the BBQ on Neighbour Day in June 2015. The neighbours all pulled together, brought out their BBQ’s, prepared food, had music and entertainment for the kids and even had a visit from Mayor Naheed Nenshi.  3 Things for Calgary profiled this inspiring block party on their blog, check it out here!

We look forward to hosting more block parties in the future as a way to facilitate neighbours getting to know each other!

Here were the winning entries:

“I nominate New Brighton Gardens to have a block party! Some of us have had babies or expecting in the past year and it would be a great way to connect! There are also lots of young families to connect with, meet and ask for advice!  We have an awesome park on New Brighton Gardens, our alleys have the best puddles to jump in after it rains, and we have a sweet short cut to Starbucks and Shoppers Drug Mart!” – Sarah D. 

“I would love to Nominate the New Brighton GardensIts a large community and we have a few great locations that we could have the party. We have a great green space and a quiet road space that we could close down. I don’t know many of my neighbours and I think this would be a great way to meet them all and introduce us to everyone else.” – Tara D. 

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